Message to Partners


Dear Partners,

We proudly bring to you a space where parents and kids come together and enjoy each other’s company.

Study Buddy is our first offering. Working moms desire to be involved with children’s education, however, due to the demands of urban life, they hardly have time for it. In the rare occasion that they do find time to get involved, they find that the task is tedious and time-consuming. Study Buddy is designed to be the parents’ personal assistant for study time. They may access free ready-made Reviewers as well as use a tool to make on their own. For easy access, the Reviewers are stored in the cloud. Once kids answer, these are automatically scored and reports are instantaneous. Moreover, as kids use the electronic media in order to review their lessons, we believe that Study Buddy will keep them interested.

As the introduction phase will require a lot, we invite sponsors to help us achieve instant awareness and usage. In exchange, sponsors get valuable advertising presence in the Study Buddy properties. Sponsors may also conduct on-ground activities when Study Buddy conducts school visits.

We believe that association with Study Buddy, a hip, cool and youthful brand, is an innovative method to build brand image. Because Study Buddy is free, we believe that tremendous goodwill will be generated among the target market.

May we present Study Buddy to you formally? Please contact us.

Best Regards,

Sarge Lacuesta

Help Keep Our Services Free

Study Buddy aims to always be free to parents, teachers and kids. That’s why we rely on valuable support from sponsors, supporters and advertisers, whose brands and products reflect our values. If you are interested in supporting Study Buddy, please contact us.

Innovative Approach

We are searching for partners that share the same values. We believe that through a symbiotic relationship, together we can creatively speak to parents and kids and encourage them to take advantage of Study Buddy!

Competitive advertising rates are also offered.

Know your ad’s effectiveness

As we believe that information should be quick and available, advertisers will also have access to reports. This will enable you to understand your investments instantaneously.

Call Us For A Presentation

Our representatives will be available to formally present our partnership packages. Please contact us.