Message to Parents


Dear Parents,

Warm greetings! I would like to proudly introduce our new major offering—Study Buddy!

Jakenpoy Corp was created by friends who, as parents themselves, share common values and experiences. You may already know that Jakenpoy is the Filipino term for the classic rock-paper-scissors game that many of us loved to play as kids. I have fond memories playing this game not only with other kids, but with my parents, who taught me how to play it. I’m now making memories playing this game with my kids Julio, Bianca and Cessie (they asked me to mention their names here).

Today, we foster the same spirit of fun and family by making a space where parents and kids come together and enjoy each other’s company. But we also recognize that parents face the challenge of very different times. For kids, being occupied and entertained is not as easy as simply playing jakenpoy back in the day.

As our major offering, Study Buddy allows parents and their kids a powerful shared learning and bonding experience. As a personal assistant for study time, Study Buddy gives parents access to ready-made Reviewers and gives them the power to make new reviewers and share them with other parents—all absolutely FREE.

Kids’ answers to the Reviewers are automatically scored and reports are instantaneously available. As kids use the electronic media in order to review their lessons, we believe that Study Buddy will keep them interested and engaged.

I would like to personally invite you to try today!


PV Aquino

Usable and Instant Reports

We believe that the true value of electronic tools is that information can be digested and reported instantly. We’ve designed for our tools to do just that!

After your kid has finished the Reviewer that you’ve assigned, you will immediately get an email alert. Click the link in the email to view how your kid has done in the Reviewer!

Once you get home from work, make sure to feedback to them the areas they need improvement.

Share your Reviewers Now

We encourage you to share your Reviewers to the community in order to increase the library!

We also encourage you to share the work in making Reviewers with your friends and co-parents. This can be done by assigning a code to these Reviewers.

Ask your school to participate

Teachers can also take advantage of this free service.

For teachers, assigning the work to entire sections is possible. Teachers will find that Study Buddy is an effective tool to store their work, thus eliminating repetitive work of making these again. We also have analysis tools available. Certainly, they will find auto-correction as a great time saver!

For more information on how teachers can take advantage of Study Buddy, please contact us.