Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jakenpoy Corp?

Jakenpoy Corp provides a collection of online activities designed to allow and encourage parents and kids to interact with each other. With today’s prevalent use of electronic devices, we have noticed that parents and kids are—literally and figuratively—to their own devices. At Jakenpoy Corp, we believe that, rather than being a hindrance to interaction, electronic devices can and should be a vehicle for improving the relationship between parents and kids.

Where does the Jakenpoy name come from?

In the Filipino language, jakenpoy refers to the rock-paper-scissors game. This is usually the first game that we are taught as kids. We ourselves vividly remember our parents teaching us how to play it. Jakenpoy was usually played before another game, and as such, it became the icebreaker of sorts and the start of more interaction.

What is Study Buddy?

Study Buddy is a major offering of Jakenpoy Corp. For parents, Study Buddy is a tool to access free ready-made reviewers as well as make new ones. After selecting or creating reviewers, parents then assign these to their kids, who answer them in their own part of the site—Study Buddy Kids. Reports are instantaneous as reviewers are automatically corrected. Parents can also share their reviewers to the community or their friends, thus making the library larger.
Teachers can also take advantage of this free service. For teachers, assigning the work to entire sections is possible. Further, as kids will only receive reviewers from their parents or teachers, this will answer many of the fears and concerns that we share with you. Like you, we consider online privacy and safety of primary importance, especially for children who are of an age that makes them particularly vulnerable on the internet. For more information of how schools can take advantage of Study Buddy, please contact us.

Where can I access Study Buddy?

This can either be accessed through or as an app that can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. Both formats are free.

Is it available as an app?

Yes, please search for Study Buddy PH on the App Store or Google Play.

Who authored the free ready-made Reviewers?

In order to serve parents properly, we took great lengths in creating the Reviewers. We patterned our list of topics from the official grade school curriculum of the Department of Education. We then contracted teachers from prominent Philippine schools to develop the questions and answers. We currently have Reviewers that cover the major subjects: English, Filipino, Math, Science and Araling Panlipunan.

How much does Study Buddy cost?

Study Buddy is 100% FREE for Parents, Teachers and Kids—made possible through the valuable help of sponsors and advertisers.

Partners’ Questions

What market does Study Buddy cater to?

Working moms desire to be involved with children’s education, however, due to the demands of urban life, they hardly have time for it. In the rare occasion that they do find time to get involved, they find that the task is tedious and time-consuming.

Why is Study Buddy attractive to them?

Every parent desires for their kids to excel in school. Mothers will find that Study Buddy works as a great alternative or supplement to the tutors they hire. For Parents, Study Buddy is designed for them to have access to free ready-made reviewers as well as a tool to make on their own. For easy access, the reviewers are stored in the cloud. Once kids answer, these are automatically scored and reports are instantaneous.
On the other hand, Teachers will find that Study Buddy is an effective tool to store their work, thus eliminating repetitive work of making these again. Certainly, they will find auto-correction a great time saver.

Why is Study Buddy attractive to kids?

Study Buddy uses electronic media in order for kids to review their lessons. We believe that this will be fun for them and keep them interested.

How will the target market be aware of Study Buddy?

Jakenpoy Corp will conduct publicity efforts via social media and news releases. We will also visit schools. During the school visits, parents are oriented on how to use Study Buddy. Through various regional divisions of the Department of Education, Jakenpoy Corp will also orient teachers.

What help do we need from sponsors?

This introduction phase will require resources. With the help of sponsors, Jakenpoy Corp aims to achieve instant awareness and usage. In exchange, sponsors get valuable advertising presence in Study Buddy’s web and mobile apps. Sponsors may also conduct on-ground activities during the school visits.

How will association with Study Buddy be beneficial to my brand?

Association with Study Buddy is an innovative method to build brand image. Because it is free, we believe that tremendous goodwill will be generated with the target market. Association with Study Buddy likewise lends to a brand image that is hip, cool, youthful and technologically savvy.